What it's about

There is a lot of (contradictory) information on the internet, some of which is wrong and not neutral. To help you in this situation and to protect you from manipulative or unobjective content, we have compiled a collection of links to various serious information on the topic of abortion. You will also find links to sites with testimonials.

The pregnancy test is positive - what now, what to do? How does an abortion work? What exactly happens during a medical or surgical abortion and what should you bear in mind? Until when can an abortion take place and how much does it cost? When are the costs covered by health insurance?
These questions are answered in detail and neutrally on the following websites.

Medical & Procedure

The following pages explain how to proceed if you want to have an abortion (costs, counselling...). You will also find various medical facts and what you should pay attention to before, during and after the abortion.


You may be planning an abortion yourself, have already had one or it may have happened some time ago. Or maybe you are just interested in how people feel after an abortion. Below you will find links to English- and German-language platforms that give people the opportunity and space to report on their experiences and feelings before and after.

Info & Facts

Under the following links you will find general information about abortion such as the legal situation, statistics, history, facts and figures.